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When I left active duty in 2010, I became a food blogger for a website that featured talented writers from across the country, all of whom shared a passion for food. I was published weekly for about 7 months. In October of 2010, I was honored to be selected as the featured author. Unfortunately, the website closed in March of 2011 and my short tenure as a celebrated food and restaurant blogger came to an end.

Eight years of life passed. My family grew, my midsection grew, meals were eaten, and pages remained blank. My passion for food never waivered despite my unmoving pen-hand.

Fortunately, in the last eight years, I honed my skills as a photographer and readers can now expect stunning visuals to accompany my reviews and recommendations. Additionally, I don’t only intend to review restaurants, pubs, and various eateries; I intend to cover things like recipes and food products as well. Yes, that means from time to time, I’m going to review my own cooking!

For those of you who followed me back in the days of me being the “Food Lurker,” I’m honored to have you back. For those of you who are new here, welcome. This is going to be one delicious journey and I’m looking forward to everywhere I eat.


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It’s cliche to write that you eat with your eyes first; however it’s completely true. Let’s be honest, people like to look at food. Chances are, the food photos in my reviews are what grabbed your attention. I’ve been told that my photos make people hungry. I hope you brought your appetite.